Our Work

Our work
The Keep Britain Tidy Centre for Social Innovation brings together and tests evidence and innovation to better understand what drives current behaviours and issues.

We design, deliver and evaluate social innovation around Keep Britain Tidy's three main focus areas: litter,waste and places, you can explore our range of projects through the links below.

We work in partnership with local land managers and other stakeholders to deliver tailored research and context specific solutions to social and environmental issues, following an evidence based approach.

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Our Work / Litter

England is a littered country and over the past decade there have been only marginal reductions in the occurrence of litter. Litter blights almost every street corner, bus stop, park bench, lay-by and road in the land and in many areas it is getting worse.

Evidence clearly shows the adverse impact of littering and poor environmental management on a range of economic and social factors including property prices, health, fear of crime, children’s freedom to play and pride of place.

Our Challenge

We can no longer afford to clean up after people – we need to prevent littering in the first place, that is why since 2012 we have shifted our focus to conducting targeted work to better understanding the drivers and contexts that influence littering behaviours as well as researching, designing and testing out innovative solutions that can help people do the right thing when it comes to disposing of their items.

Explore the Social Innovation Library to find out more about our work in this area.

Our Work / Waste

We are using up the planet’s scarce resources at an alarming rate. Our hunger for, and rapid consumption of, natural resources is having significant impacts on our environment – biodiversity loss, climate change, land use pressures and marine pollution. 

We must take steps to enable the prevention of waste and efficient use of resources to become the norm in England.

Our Challenge

We are working to understand the barriers to and opportunities for increasing people's awareness of resource limits and influencing behaviours to prevent waste and improve recycling levels in England - both in quality and quantity.

In partnership with others, we are applying Keep Britain Tidy's model for social innovation to develop, test and scale new approaches to reducing waste and to enable people to manage their resources better and recycle more.

Explore the Social Innovation Library to find out more about our work in this area.

Our Work / Places

Accessible, clean, well-managed and imaginatively designed public outdoor spaces offer a valuable resource for communities and improved individual health and wellbeing.

Conversely, poorly managed and maintained public space represents a significant lost opportunity; since 2010, consistent pressure on local authority budgets has presented a clear and growing threat to the quality of our public spaces and the benefits that they provide.

Our Challenge

We are working to identify new approaches to public space management, ownership and financing to assist local authorities and other bodies, particularly those struggling for resources and share outcomes through our relevant activities and programmes.

For example we aim to develop a national citizen-led indicator to provide a better understanding of the state of parks and green spaces across England, and better understand how people can play a more active role in the management of public places.

Explore the Social Innovation Library to find out more about our work in this area